Who We Are

In 1998, the ministry of Peace and Hope Frontier Mission US began when two men from a New England Baptist church had the privilege and joy of helping with construction at a Christian school on Nicaragua’s Miskito Coast and providing relief to poor Nicaraguans who were reeling from destruction caused by Hurricane Mitch.

After seeing the poverty and desperation of those in need and meeting the longsuffering, resilient and warm people of the western hemisphere’s second poorest nation, they sensed God’s prompting to return and to respond to the Christ’s call to care for those in greatest need and further the Gospel. Peace and Hope Frontier Mission became a registered 501(c)(3) relief and development organization in 2000 and since then has mobilized, supported and directed many volunteer service teams (recruited from all around the US and the UK) and implemented numerous construction, humanitarian and Christian outreach projects in Nicaragua, but primarily in the Miskito Coast area. 

More recently, Peace and Hope Frontier Mission has also become a registered international NGO in Nicaragua.

Know Us in 30 Seconds

Where?: We serve in Nicaragua and primarily the Miskito Coast region, with some projects among orphans and needy children in the nation’s central mountains.

Why?: Nicaragua is the Western Hemisphere’s second poorest nation and the rural poor of the remote jungle villages and frontier towns of the Miskito Coast have access to few resources and services. We respond to the call of Christ to serve those in great need.

Who?: We work primarily among the disenfranchised minority people and the mestizo villages in the wilderness of eastern Nicaragua (Miskito Coast region).

When?: We have served since 1998, fielding and supporting several volunteer teams a year.

What?: Primarily, we provide sustainable resource development by drilling water wells and promoting health and hygiene education while remaining responsive to other community needs. Historically, we have implemented a wide array of development projects, such as the construction of rice mills, radio outposts and community infrastructure and provided humanitarian aid, including emergency disaster relief and mosquito net distribution.

How?: We have established a long-term presence in our remote communities and relationships with locals, building on the work of earlier teams and improving our delivery of services. We depend on financial support from our partners and on volunteer service to implement our projects.

Peace and Hope Frontier Mission Board of Directors:

Thomas Clay, President
Norman Howarth, Treasurer
Mark Coleman, Secretary
Peter Coleman, Executive Director
Roger Drost, Communication and Education Coordinator
Ralph Drinkwater
Noah Erikson
Jonathon Shwabsky

Peace and Hope Partners

We have been able to increase the effectiveness and broaden the scope of our work among Nicaragua’s remote rural communities though a collaborative effort.  We are grateful for the expertise, help and support we have received from the following partner organizations:

  • Rivers of the World (ROW)
  • Accion Medica Cristiana
  • Alfalit
  • Alfanic
  • North Shore Community Baptist Church
  • Dale Carnegie Training (Nicaragua)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Water Mission
  • Diosa Del Café


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